The end of the beginning

Today is the last day of Miss Bennett’s first year as a second-grade Teach for American teacher in San Jose. I linked to her early posts, when she was frustrated and exhausted. But she survived.

It was the hardest, most challenging, most exhausting, most mentally and emotionally draining year of my life. (I actually think it might have taken 2 or 3 years off my life span.) I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Her students met the “big goal” in math with an 85 percent average and averaged 1.5 years of progress in reading.

Miss Brave is finishing her first year as an elementary writing teacher in New York City. Will she come back next year to teach reading to second graders? She’s not sure.

After eight years as a science teacher, Ms. Frizzle is leaving teaching, at least for now.

TMAO explains why he’s leaving his school.

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  1. It’s not allowed that Ms. Frizzle leave teaching.