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A second-grade white girl’s “N the N-word” T-shirt was a “distraction” at her mostly nonwhite school, said the principal, who made Jaiden Haber change.

Jaiden said she didn’t understand the statement she was making with her shirt. “My mom picked it out,” she said. “She thought it would look nice on me. I don’t know why they made me take it off.”

Karen Haber said she should have explained the shirt to her daughter, but wanted to “keep her innocent.”

But the mother also wanted teachers to “discuss the shirt because it aimed to encourage tolerance.” If spurring discussion was the goal, why wasn’t she willing to discuss it with her own daughter?

I remember when a boy, back from a year in Austria with his family, came to elementary school in leiderhosen. His parents thought it would be culturally broadening for us. It was social death for him. There are things parents shouldn’t do.

Via Detention Slip and This Week in Education.

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  1. Richard Nieporent says:

    That violated Jaiden’s First Amendment rights, said Tara Keenan-Thomson, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Nassau chapter.

    Jaiden said she didn’t understand the statement she was making with her shirt.

    Yes ACLU, please explain exactly how it violated Jaiden’s First Amendment rights, again. The right to be ignorant? The right to be used (abused?) by her parent for the parent’s own political ends? Maybe if the ACLU was not making a fool of itself here they could actually defend the First Amendment rights of students by opposing speech codes imposed by universities. But that would suppose that they were actually opposed to speech codes.

  2. How can someone ignorant of the content of their own statement be said to have engaged in speech at all? This is insane.

  3. I hate to admit that I don’t get the shirt myself. I know what the “N-word” is… but what’s the first “N”?

  4. I’m with you, Lori. After some puzzlement, I think the first “N” stands for “end.” As in, abolish the end word.

    The biggest issue here, methinks, is what a crappily-executed slogan the whole thing is. Sorry sweatheart, you need to take that shirt off because it’s just bad writing.

  5. Ha, TMAO! Wonder what the ACLU take would be on that. “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to say it…badly.”

  6. Ragnarok says:

    Possibly “Nuke the N-word”?


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