Psychic stupidity

In Canada, an autistic girl’s aide went to a psychic who said a girl with a name starting in “V” was being molested by a 23- to 26-year-old male. The aide told the principal who called in sexual abuse investigators, who found nothing.

Barrie resident Colleen Leduc has pulled her 11-year-old daughter, Victoria Nolet, out of school.

Severely autistic, Victoria doesn’t speak. She is never unsupervised and does not associate with adult men.

The school officials apparently linked the psychic’s warning with Victoria’s behavior.

Leduc added some of the behaviour her daughter displays is normal for young girls with autism, including putting her hands down her pants and gyrating against staff members.

“All of these are very, very … common in a child with autism, especially when they’re going into adolescence,” Leduc said. “She really has no inhibitions.”

Leduc said there are boys in Victoria’s class who exhibit similar behaviour, but when she asked if the CAS had been notified about those potential cases, she was told they had not.

Leduc would like an apology.

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  1. Personally, if I knew my daughter’s aide was consulting hucksters about her case, I’d be demanding more than an apology. Unprofessional doesn’t even begin to describe the aide’s behaviour.

  2. Catch Thirty-Three says:

    Sounds like something that can be cited at!

    What foolishness.

  3. Consulting to pychics is absurd. Pyschics use no scientific basis and are hoaxes. All psychics should be multi-millionaires by now if they were real, but there was none not even one.

  4. Wallace says:

    I used to be an aide to autistic children in Philadelphia. One of the kids I worked with was obsessed with movies and would often repeat lines from them with no prompting. I had to take off for a meeting, and when I left he began acting out in class and was sent to the principal’s office. There, he starts repeating “Los Angeles is going to be destroyed!” a line from the movie “Volcano.”

    The administrative staff were convinced that he was having a psychic premonition and turned on the radio to see if Los Angeles was being destroyed by a volcano. Eventually, one staff member gets the idea that if the boy can see into the future, he can predict lottery numbers. The staff start demanding that he spew numbers, and so he does. As the staff grew more exuberant, they started sending out kids to ask teachers and other staff members if they wanted to get in on the lotto bounty that this “psychic” autisitic kid has predicted. They collected over $100.00 to buy lotto tickets.

    Of course, they never won. And Los Angeles was never destroyed. But the kid did predict that they would make a Spiderman 3 before the first one even premiered, so I have to give him credit for that one.

  5. Cardinal Fang says:

    If I were the principal, and I heard this story about a psychic saying that the student was being molested, I would recognize it for the claptrap it was.

    However, I might quietly look into the issue. The psychic reading is nonsense, but it could be barely possible that the aide knew that real abuse was going on and chose this way to draw attention to it.

  6. So, a bunch of psychic haters, eh? Well, you’d better not bring that attitude into Canada with you. The Human Rights Commissions know full well how to deal with haters like you.