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I’ve got a column up at Pajamas Media asking When did kindergarten teachers get so mean?

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  1. I doubt cops and aides are funded out from the same source, even school resource officers and it’s always easier to deal with a troublesome kid one on one than it is to deal with the troublesome kid and the whole class at the same time. I’d be surprised if either of the horrible teachers you mentioned would had the same problems with those kids had they been teaching them one on one or in a small group setting

    I agree that both teachers you mention were out of line and that their behavior is not an acceptable response. On the other hand, teachers today really do face a wider variety of challenges than teachers in the past; special education children being included in the regular education classroom without support and less uniform behavior expectations at home are certainly two as you mentioned.

    And when you also consider the higher academic standards on kindergarten teachers (and it’s surprising how much what used to be taught in 1st grade is now taught in K to younger audience), it doesn’t take long before most reasonable people could have predicted that the first people with responsibility for working with classes of very young kids were going to have some problems.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    I suppose by now the various educrats have had sufficient practice looking baffled at the idea of increasing home schooling.

  3. Margo/Mom says:

    Good column.


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