Aussie teachers accused of shouting

Australian teachers are being investigated for shouting at students, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Education Department officials are investigating teachers for shouting at students to “put that down”, “leave him alone”, “sit down” or “pick up those papers” and demanding to know, “who told you that you could go there?”

Teachers are fighting back, “claiming the investigations are eroding their authority and affecting discipline.” Principals aren’t happy about it either.

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  1. Tracy W says:

    *sarcasm on* And teaching will really become heaps better if teachers have to spend all their time worrying about being investigated if they raise their voice. *sarcasm off*

    Yelling may be an ineffective disciplinary technique, but formally investigating cases of yelling doesn’t strike me as that effective either.

  2. What a joke Oz is! says:

    Teachers put up with a hell of a lot from unruly students. I certainly would not want that profession. That said, the State has some ridiculous ‘rules’ in place for parents at home, what they can and can’t do yet I have seen teachers do more and get away with it. Same as any other job, they will always back each other and justify grabbing a student to the point of causing bruises, scratches and lots of times, using hurtful words. If a parent was to do that, you can guarantee the child services would be called in. Yes I am an Aussie too.

  3. SuperSub says:

    yelling can be an effective technique just like everything else as long as it is not overdone and is done with a purpose.


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