The scariest mascot

In More Mascot Mania, Jay Greene reveals that PC hasn’t annihilated the “Redskins” or “Crusaders” and that “Devils” far outnumber “Angels.”

One of the more frightening is the Marshall High School “Lawyers” from Cleveland, Ohio.


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  1. Deirdre Mundy says:

    My High School’s Mascot was the “Blazer” — It was supposed to be a devil, but when people heard the name they usually thought we were named after a jacket…

  2. Even more frightening from my high school…our school was Lincoln and are team was the “Abes”. The Lincoln Abes. Yes…fierce and intimidating. Thankfully there was no mascot.

  3. One of my favorites is the Watersmeet Nimrods in Michigan. Although it means a mighty hunter, in current usage it has a far different meaning.

  4. I competed against the Kewpies in high school(I have no idea what it is). My college rival’s mascot is the Little Giants (or as we joked, an average sized person).

    My future sister in law was a Marker (short for Hallmarkers, who leave their mark of excellence wherever they go) and my bro teaches the Jr. Billikins (troll type thing that was popular in the 1920s).

  5. Margo/Mom says:

    I had a friend who attended Charles F. Brush High School. As Charles F. Brush was the inventor of the incandescent arc lamp, their teams were the Arcs.

  6. Mrs. Davis says:

    Without a doubt, Richland, Washington High School. Located near the Hanford facility where the plutonium for the Nagasaki bomb was refined theor mascot is the Richmond Bomber, the block R with a mushroom cloud rising above it. There are dissidents, however; they favor the Day’s Pay B-17 commemorating when all Hanford workers donated a day’s pay to Boeing to pay for a B-17.

  7. I was a Little Giant at Highland Park High, Highland Park, Illinois, class of ’70.

    It was such a stupid name that the “Little” was dropped, but that was after I was graduated.

  8. AndyJoy says:

    There is a town in Idaho called Kuna with the “Caveman” as their mascot. When we Mountain Home Tigers played against them, we liked to rib them about changing their mascot to the Tuna so it would rhyme. No luck yet.

  9. There’s a school near San Antonio that is the Unicorns. My brother in law went to a school that was the Buttons (the “rattle” in a rattlesnake). They once played each other in football, the Mighty Unicorns vs. The Fighting Buttons

  10. My high school mascot, “The Rebels” was struck down by political correctness. I think they’re the Ravens now.

  11. In Los Angeles, Roosevelt HS is the Rough Riders.
    Manual Arts HS — once a trade school, now just another struggling comprehensive innercity high school — still calls itself The Toilers.

    I like that predominantly Native American college that started calling their teams The Whiteys…

  12. Deirdre Mundy says:

    When my husband and I were teaching the social studies teacher used to rail against the Atlanta Braves and their tomahawk chop……

    We suggested that they could always change their name to the “Carpetbaggers” and wave their carpetbags in the air….

    For some reason she didn’t find that funny…..

  13. tabitharuth says:

    Our favorite mascot to mock in high school were the Jordan (Utah) Beetdiggers.

  14. Richard Aubrey says:

    Mrs. Davis. Is the Hanford high team still called “The Bombers”? I always found that amusing.

  15. Gee, and I thought my high school team name, the Trojans, was bad…

  16. greeneyeshade says:

    Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, where my oldest niece considered going, is the Mules. And the Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore (founded by the same people who founded the college) ranks high on my all-time list with the Mawrtians. If it weren’t a girls’ school, I suppose they could use Warner Bros.’ Marvin as a mascot … and come to think of it, he wears a sort of skirt, doesn’t he?