Obama talks education policy

Education is the second most important issue to voters, after the economy, according to a new Pew poll.

Speaking at a Colorado charter school, Barack Obama criticized No Child Left Behind and proposed a series of education programs.

For more than 20 minutes, the Illinois Democrat laced the language of uplift and challenge with the acronyms of education and reform: GEAR UP and TRIO, a proposed Service Scholarship program to replace retiring teachers, a Teacher Residency Program to recruit them at mid-career from other professions, and the Career Ladder Initiative to reward teachers who mentor others.

In a snug auditorium packed with education professionals, the loudest cheers greeted his critique of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind initiative, which Obama blasted for forcing teachers and students to spend most of the year preparing for a single, high-stakes standardized test without offering sufficient resources.

Obama pledge to fix the “broken promises” of NCLB.

Interesting that he chose to speak at a charter school.

John McCain is sticking to a “total, no-caveats embrace of No Child Left Behind,” writes Education Gadfly. In response to the speech, a McCain spokesman said Obama hasn’t been a leader on education reform in the Senate. True enough. But neither has McCain.

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  1. Catch Thirty-Thr33 says:

    People really need to wake up and accept the fact that 1) there is very little the federal government can do in the realm of education and 2) just spending more money on it, no matter the source, is NOT a cure all.

    In fact, my dream “Department of Education” would in fact be esentially a coordinating function run by the states. If I can remember to do it, I’ll flesh this out in more detail…