Weighted funding has impact

“Weighted” funding
— more money to schools enrolling high-need students — allows principals to control their resources, writes Lisa Snell in the Indy Star.

. . .schools are given responsibility for managing their own budgets in key areas such as personnel, school maintenance, and learning materials.

In addition, the funding follows the child to each school and is based on the characteristics of the individual child.

In a side bar, the principal of a small New York City school writes about the power of autonomy.

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  1. Charley Cowens says:

    This article is really conflating two different ideas: funding by type of student and school budgetary autonomy. You can actually have one without the other and their both interesting in their own right. For instance, the Oakland Unified’s “Results Based Budgeting” system mentioned in the article is based on our current tangled funding system in California, not the funding by type of student system.