Towels, hooks and achievement

Having dropped off her first child at college, Jeanne Allen wishes for more emphasis on educating children for college and less on which towels, plastic shelves and over-the-door hooks to buy.

It’s worth it to have to stress over whether a school is right for your child; it’s worth it to push over homework, and doing better, and doing more, even when it creates a little tension between you and your child. It’s worth it to expect them to do well on tests, and to keep trying to make that happen, and keep that happening.

My husband and I just moved my daughter, a law student, into a Chicago apartment; a few months ago, we moved his younger daughter, a grad student, into a place in Boston. They are veterans of many college moves, but not too proud for over-the-door hooks. BTW, we’ve become fans of Target furniture and dubious about Ikea’s quality control.

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  1. I haven’t been that impressed by Ikea in recent years, either. Target, huh? I’ll have to make a pass through the furniture section next time I’m in there. We got some very good (and inexpensive) coats there last winter, and I usually go there for kitchen tools.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Might be cheaper just to buy each daughter a minivan and a dolly.

  3. I had actually just linked, in one of my recent blog entries, to this piece, from a weblog that I think I should add to my blogroll (especially considering my blog’s name). That entry looks useful (though perhaps a little late for me… though who knows what the future will hold) – but you are correct: Those little things, while they can seem important (especially when you’re stuck in your room, at the start of the school year, with no working fan!), the direct educational aspects of starting college are much more crucial.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been back to this site (recently, I’ve been going back to some sites that I had visited, when I was active in the Blogosphere). I think that you’ve changed from Movable Type to WordPress (which probably wasn’t available, when you started your weblog).

    I would like to start a new weblog, before long. In the past, I was wondering about whether to switch my main blog from Blogger to MT, as that’s what many were doing. I could not find a solid reason to do so, however. I also heard that Movable Type is very hard to install. Then, the company that makes MT started TypePad, which I didn’t get either, especially since people have to pay for it (MT was free, but you needed your own web space). Now, it seems many people are using WordPress. What would you recommend?

    I am glad that you are still writing and blogging, on issues important to those of us who are students. Please keep up the good work. Thank you!