Charter lessons

Education Sector reports on What States Can Teach Each Other About Charter Schooling.

States encourage high-quality charter schools by establishing “charter authorizers that are committed to charter school quality and have authorizing as their core mission,” the report concludes. Other suggestions include:

Ensuring ample, high-quality student-performance data for both charter and traditional public schools;

Refraining from placing absolute caps on the number of charter schools that can open within the state. Any limits on the number of charter schools that can open should be quality-sensitive;

Providing equitable funding for charter schools, including start-up and facilities funding; and

Creating incentives to help proven charter school models scale rapidly in underserved communities.

While only 2 percent of public students attend charter schools nationwide, charter schools serve more than 20 percent of the students in six cities and more than 10 percent in 19 cities.

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