Carnival of Education

History is Elementary is hosting this week’s Carnival of Education, which includes several posts on school violence.

In “But They Have To Go Somewhere,” a British teacher calls for expelling non-learners.

If schools were seen as being for the purpose of learning then it would be ridiculous to have somebody who wasn’t learning attending school.
. . . The powers that be, and I fear the public too, would prefer to see a child at school learning nothing than at home, or in the streets, learning nothing. Somewhere along the line schools ceased to be where children should be in order to learn and became where children should just be. Somewhere along the line teachers ceased to be people who taught and started to be people who supervise hordes of youth for no particular purpose other than to keep them off the streets and out from under their parents’ feet.

The Ed Wonk notes a blase response to a gang brawl at an Indianapolis high school cafeteria. Denial, apparently, is a river in Indiana.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    There needs to be an alternative. Bouncers in every classroom? All teachers carry tasers? Why, with the power the unions have, do they put up with this crap?