Avoiding sex ed

Sex education should start in college, where it may be the only object of study, writes Joseph Abrams in National Review. (He is joking.)

Modern sex ed is a failure. Abstinence is too difficult, indulgence leads to “baby accidents,” and the free condoms we hand out are full of Chinese asbestos. Yes, teen-pregnancy rates have struck historic lows, but that seems as much an index of laziness as anything else. But I leave girls to other experts; I wish to speak about the education of American boys. No other group on Earth shall be so harried in their lifetime, so it is important that the business of educating them be taken seriously. I recommend a program of lies and obfuscation — anything to avoid actually talking about sex.

He goes on to discuss Enkidu’s problems with the harlot in The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gen. Jack D. Ripper’s issues with Loss of Essence and Thurber’s advice on the Recessive Knee.

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  1. He writes, “Modern sex ed is a failure… Yes, teen-pregnancy rates have struck historic lows.”

    It sounds to me like modern sex ed is an unqualified success, and the attempt to credit that success to ‘laziness’ is a desperate grasping at straws.

    He may be joking – but I fear his readers may take him seriously.

  2. Sex education in the 1940’s was a resounding success, considering the low illegitimacy rates.

  3. I dont believe successful sex ed can be measured by abortion and contraceptive use rates.
    What about the ability to get through adolescence relatively unharmed, with a healthy attitude to sex?