Voodoo school cure

A New York City principal allegedly staged a Santeria rite at her school during the winter break and paid $900 to a tarot reader. From the New York Sun:

A principal who took an unusual approach to improve her TriBeCa high school — allegedly hiring a “black magic” practitioner to cleanse evil spirits through a ceremony involving sprinkled chicken blood — is being forced out a month before the school year starts.

You take a little initiative and what happens?

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  1. SuperSub says:

    Hey, voodoo rites have about the same chance of improving the school as what educational theorists suggest… perhaps even a little better chance.

  2. So, did it work?

  3. Cardinal Fang says:

    But as far as I can tell from the article, the school system didn’t pay for the religious rite. If the principal had had a priest go through the school and bless it, would she have been fired?

  4. I think a principal or teacher who was known to practice voodoo could intimidate a lot of students into behaving better. Imagine threatening to unleash the Zombies on an 8 year old.

  5. Maybe it’s part of her EdD program?

  6. A Christian having a pastor in to Pray would have been out on his or her butt faster!

  7. It’s weird, and certainly not mainstream–but how does it really hurt anyone, unless you believe in voodoo in the first place?

    Or might there be a risk of bird flu from the chicken blood? 🙂


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