Trophy kids

I write about trophy kids on Britannica Blog.

I’ll get the post up here when I have a chance.

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  1. I kick ass in the Trophy Kid department… 5 and counting…

    I don’t look as them as “trophies” so much, but more like an investment.

    I figure the more kids I have, the more likely one of them will strike it rich and support my lavish retirement.

    Besides, if I can outbreed the rest of America, I figure that in 1 to 2 thousand years, there is a better chance that I will be the ancestor to a majority of the population.

    My advice to my children is to marry someone more intelligent than they are, and to have lots and lots of kids.

    Someday, I hope to have at least 50 grandkids. 🙂

  2. For a similar kind of “trophy child,” see Tom Wolfe’s recent article on the current Pirates of Wall Street.

    The twinkies who have their eggs fertilized by their husbands’ sperm in a laboratory, creating embryos for implantation in the wombs of surrogate mothers who are paid to manufacture children for delivery in nine months, since why on earth should any wife whose husband is worth a billion or even $500 million have to endure the distended belly, bilious mornings, back cramps, not to mention a cramped social life, to end up with her perfect personal-trainer-sculpted boy-with-breasts body she has spent thousands of sweaty hours attaining, ruined … tempting her husband to survey all the little man-eaters out there, including those former wives who used to meet regularly at the Boxing Cat Grill until it burned down, whereas the current wives leave their husbands catatonic before the plasma TV and meet three or four times a week at one local bar or another and drive home in their Hummers and bobtail Mercedes S.U.V.’s, bombed out of their minds, while waiting for the baby to come from the factory—

  3. My theory about Wolfe is that he writes about people like this as a way of bragging that he knows them, but he writes nasty things so that people won’t realize that he is enamored. But he is, because he’s one of them.

    If Clark is claiming that the industrial revolution happened because of the values of the aristocracy, has he forgotten about the 100 Years War? If he’s claiming that the merchant class had more kids than the peasants, that might be true, but didn’t the workforce in England come from people freed up from the land by the changes to the Corn Laws and fed by exports that arrived via the Erie Canal? And were those people the grandchildren of the wealthy?

  4. Richard Brandshaft says:


    Assume I (assumed to be 40 years younger) want to marry someone more intelligent than I am. Assume marrying someone more intelligent than you are is intelligent advice. Then the woman more intelligent than I am will be looking for a man more intelligent than she is…

    Similar is Hartly’s Second Law: Never sleep with anyone crazier than you are.

    Old joke: “All my life I was looking for the perfect woman. When I found her, she was looking for the perfect man.”