The tests must go through

As battle raged in Baqubah, an Iraqi teacher realized students wouldn’t be able to take end-of-year tests critical to their future. The roads were mined or blocked by the U.S. and Iraqi military. School directors were afraid to come pick up the tests. So she picked up the tests herself and boated across the Diyala River to deliver tests to 1,300 students.

“I didn’t want the students to be deprived of the rights to take the tests like all other students in the state,” said Mouna al-Umairi, the teacher who found a way to facilitate the test process.

The former dean of a women’s institute in Diyala, who is currently a provincial council member, crossed the river several times to deliver national standardized tests to elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in the greater Baqubah area during the testing season in June.

Iraqi students must pass end-of-year tests to go on to the next grade.

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  1. Frank Zavisca says:


    Why isn’t this story on the front page of the NY Times, or at least on Fox News.

    Along with the dedication and risks taken by this teacher, this is proof positive to a basic principle – often missing in children:

    This is living proof that “one person can really make a difference”.