The Green Dot gambit

Accused of changing courses in mid-semester — “Computer Science” to “Cooking,” “AP History” to “Cinema” — to match titles with textbooks (see “Travesty”), Vince Carbino has been removed as principal of low-performing Santee High School in Los Angeles. Carbino will work in an administrative job at the district office while the charges by teachers and students are being investigated. Teachers had threatened to petition to turn Santee into a Green Dot charter if Carbino remained at the school. That’s a potent threat in LA.

Today the LA Unified board votes on whether to convert low-performing Locke High School into 10 small, Green Dot charters, as teachers have requested.

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  1. I learned a lot of Computer Science out of geek texts labeled as cookbooks back in the day, but I don’t think that was going on here.

  2. two oddities from the story:
    faint praise from supporters “defenders credit him with improving security for students on and near campus”
    reassignment “officials had decided that Carbino would be reassigned [to an administrative job not at a school]. Schroeder said the hurried decision was made after the completion of the investigation”

    one gathers that accountability isn’t applied to administrators either. In the perfect world – there would be precious few jobs that weren’t at a school.


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