Don’t stress the teacher

Via EIA Intercepts comes the story of a Montreal teacher who was fired for neglecting to mention on his resume that he’d murdered his wife. Jean-Alix Miguel was hired to teach electronics at an adult trade school shortly after finishing a seven-year stretch in prison for the murder. He appealed his dismissal and won.

An arbitrator later ruled that Miguel’s dismissal violated Quebec’s charter of rights, because his crime did not in any way relate to his work.

The board appealed the arbitrator’s ruling to Quebec’s Superior Court, but the court ruled in favour of Miguel on Wednesday.

Murdering a spouse shows a certain lack of self-control. Let’s hope Miguel’s students are careful not to put him under any stress.

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  1. I am really sorry for Miguel. Maybe the person has just started to turn a new leaf. But as teachers,it is imperative that we should have good character, reputation and image as we get to be idolized by the students whether we like it or not. That’s why it’s important as well to have a background check on the teachers. If I remember it right, one ESL teacher who was in FBI most wanted list was caught by Interpol in Thailand teaching English. And the other one was caught in Mexico as he was seen on Oprah as it featured pedophiles on FBI’s most wanted list as well.

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  2. Independent George says:

    Murdering a spouse shows a certain lack of self-control.

    That is easily the best sentence I’ve read all week.

  3. With a reputation like that, he should be a good candidate to teach in an inner-city high school. But maybe not if he only killed one wife.

  4. Those wacky Canucks.

  5. I don’t care if the felony was being caught in Maine with an undersized lobster. Lying on a job application is grounds for dismissal.

  6. My initial reaction was like everyone else’s. On a second thought, however, I am not so sure anymore. We either believe in rehabilitation after serving one’s sentence, or we don’t. What makes school so sacred that ex cons cannot serve? How about your neighborhood clinic? Grocery store? YMCA?

    Somehow we came to accept that “children need to be protected no matter what.” So we have gun possession limits around schools — why not around McDonalds too? Why is a “child pornographer” who had so many pictures in his possession, but absolutely no complaints against him, treated much more harshly than a school official that embezzled over half a million dollars while supervising charter schools, as just happened in DC area last week?

    I accept that there might be *very few* positions of trust that need particularly clean background. Police and FBI come to mind. But please – no bus drivers, no teachers, no YMCA instructors.

  7. I believe in rehabilitation. I believe that plenty of ex-offenders are indeed ex, and can make fine employees, even fine teachers. Lying on a job application is grounds for dismissal.

  8. If Jean-Alix Miguel committed first-degree murder, I want to know why he is still alive. In a just world, the antitype of which is Canuckdom, Miguel would have been executed for taking a life. According to Quebec’s charter of rights, Charlie Manson, Richard Ramirez, David Berkowitz or any malefactor has a right to teach children just as long as the crime for which he was convicted does not in any way relate to his work.