Dear Lunch Lady . . .

Second graders in Las Vegas have changed the odds of seeing green beans on the cafeteria menu. They wrote letters to the lunch lady praising some of the food but criticizing the green beans.

“A little boy said, ‘Anything, anything, I’ll even eat broccoli,’ ” said Connie Duits, the lunch lady. “So that one touched my heart.”

. . . “Dear Mrs. Duits, The food is so yummy and yummy. But there are one proplem. It is the green beans,” wrote Zhong Lei.

“We love the rest but we hate the green beans,” wrote Viviann Palacios.

The food services department surveyed second graders on their preferences. The only affordable vegetables are: canned and frozen green beans, corn, cooked or raw carrots and cooked or cold peas.

Asked about other foods they’d like, one girl requested “stake” and lobster, while a boy wanted “chocolate filled panda cookies” and “chicken cordon blue.” But no green beans.

Via This Week in Education.

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  1. Deirdre Mundy says:

    Do you really blame them? School Cafeteria green beans are NASTY. (And I LOVE green beans…especially raw, fresh from the garden…) But school green beans are always mushy and brown… they even over cook the frozen ones!

    Maybe more kids would eat school lunch vegetables if they were lightly steamed, or stir-fryed….

    After all, why should we expect kids to eat things that adults wouldn’t come within a mile of?

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    The survey that matters is the garbage can survey of what they toss.