Crime family

Crime runs in families: Liquarry Jefferson, shot to death at the age of eight by his seven-year-old cousin, was born into a violent world, reports the Boston Globe. His father, who beat his mother when she was pregnant, is in prison; so are the fathers of Liquarry’s four half-siblings. The women in the family have been victims of violence and perpetrators.

Crime in many neighborhoods runs in families, where elders bequeath gang membership, drug abuse, joblessness, and brutality to their offspring like a toxic inheritance. In Grove Hall, police have said that 2.4 percent of the area’s 19,000 residents cause most of the serious crime. Many of those people, police say, are related.

As a result of a special program to fight multi-generational crime, more than $314,000 was spent on Liquarry’s family last year: About half went for prosecution and incarceration, the rest for welfare and social services.

The family was singled out for help after Liquarry’s older half-brother, Jayquan, then 12 years old, was wounded in a drive-by shooting. The Globe reports:

(Mother Lateisha) Gadson, a high school dropout who rarely held a job, would need a lot of help to become a good parent. Only a month before Jayquan was shot, Gadson and her sister had come upon Jayquan and another boy beating a woman who had tried to defend her developmentally disabled son against their taunts. Instead of stopping the fight, the women joined in, according to police. The charges were later dropped when the victim refused to testify.

Jayquan, now 15, started doing well in a new school, said he wants to get a paying job instead of pursuing a leadership role in his gang and took charge of getting Mom’s welfare checks deposited and used to pay bills. Social workers still consider him a success story, although they suspect he owned the gun that killed his brother.

Jayquan is now locked up while the gun issue is investigated. Gadson, who caused a $10,000 police investigation when she falsely claimed armed intruders killed Liquarry, has retained custody of her younger children.

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  1. Deirdre Mundy says:

    $157,000 in welfare and social services? WOW!.. That would bve enough to

    1. Buy my family a fairly new (20 years old) 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on 3 acres with cash

    2. cover all our other living expenses + tithe, HSA, retirement…..

    3. AND pay off all our student loans!!!


    And for us, they wouldn’t even have to spend the other 157,000 on incarceration and prosecution…….


    (sorry — that figure just floors me…)

  2. Reality Czech says:

    This is what happens when people receive benefits without any responsibilities (or even have incentives to act badly); it’s called “moral hazard”.

    I know the Supreme Court has ruled that there is a right to have children, but there is no right to have children and not support them.  If Lateisha Gadson had faced jail time for non-support because she had a baby and had no work prospects, she probably would have stopped at one.  If sterilization was the price of parole, this phenomenon of crime families would shrink rather than grow with each generation.

  3. Supersub says:

    With a name like Liquarry, it’s not surprising that he ran into trouble…

  4. The monster family got extra attention–and benefits–because mom and the kids beat a mother trying to defend her developmentally disabled son.

    Now young Jarquan has learned how to lie to social workers. Education triumphs again!

    Next they’ll sign him up for a quick course on gun safety, and all will be put to right.

    I expect society got more value for its prosecution/incarceration dollar.

  5. Richard Aubrey says:

    I think the word is “devolution”. Going backwards on the ascent of man.

    I was taught decades ago that the conscience is formed–or, for Freudians, the id–by the age of five. All moral education after that depends on referring to the conscience and the presumption that it exists.

    Which, with this family, it clearly does not.

  6. In the world of NCLB and high stakes testing, schools will be held accountable for these thugs poor test scores.

  7. The conscience is the superego. The id is the fountainhead of violent and sexual behavior.

  8. In the world of NCLB and high stakes testing, schools will be held accountable for these thugs poor test scores.

    Har! You sure it isn’t global warming?

    Hot weather makes a lot of people edgy so maybe the behavior of this family is actually a result of America’s addiction to oil, which, as everyone knows, results in global warming. And it’s only feverish, clearly delusional people who believe that education can be measured.

    I’m also pretty sure Cock Robin’s a supporter of NCLB.

    But don’t quote me on that.

  9. Richard Aubrey says:

    Bada Bing.
    In my defense–you’re right–I think I did say it was years ago. More like decades.

  10. Allen,

    Actions speak louder than words. These days anyone who wants to dabble in education can pick up some NCLB privatization money and start their own school. I say go for it! You could even specialize in children of these crime families.

    Let us know how your test scores work out.