Carnival of Education

It’s back-to-school time at the Carnival of Education, hosted by Matthew K. Tabor.

Mister Teacher writes a letter to parents. Among other things:

# Let’s agree that a 2-pound bag of Hot Cheetos and a liter of Dr Pepper does not constitute a healthy lunch.

# Dogfighting, convenience store robbery, and “making it rain” will not be tolerated. In other words, don’t let your child emulate a professional football player.

Siobhan Curious wonders if she should be “mean till Halloween.”

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  1. Thanks for giving the Carnival a shout – it was an excellent edition, I look forward to hosting again in the future. I was surprised that your submission was the only article that addressed an issue in higher education.

  2. Thanks for linking to “Mean ’til Hallowe’en,” Joanne. And Matthew, although it might seem surprising, “Mean ’til Hallowe’en” is actually about the college classroom – higher education ain’t what it used to be!