Carnival of Education

Vivek has posted the Carnival of Education at Red Pencil, including some information on edubloggers.

On Horse Sense and Nonsense, Jo Scott-Coe takes on the principal-on-the-roof gimmick, pointing to a principal who urged teachers to build lessons around her day on the roof. Ideas included:

“Students can write friendly letters to me about the event. I will have a mail ‘basket’ hanging off the side of the roof in which students can put messages to me.”

“Teachers can read other picture books aloud in which the main character is a principal.”

“Have students draw pictures of me on the roof, and then write stories to go with the pictures, or orally tell about the pictures during Language Development time.”

The principal even wrote new lyrics to the tune of “Up on the Housetop” for teachers to sing with their students.

(Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t turn loose lyrics at a school with “ho, ho, ho, there she goes” in the refrain.)

Good point.

There’s lots more at the carnival.

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