Academic love

Should universities interfere with professor-student sex? At University Diaries, Margaret Soltan looks at Paul Abramson’s Romance in the Ivory Tower. She agrees with him that universities should butt out.

Sexual harassment should be taken seriously, but the consequences of consensual relationships have no place in university legal systems.

I doubt most professor-student relationships are confined to “brain sex,” as one writer theorizes, but serious love affairs can start in the classroom. Earlier this year, my husband and I visited friends of his who’ve been married for 35-or-so years. They met when she was an undergrad and he was a young professor.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    A man who is 4 steps above in rank has consensual sex with a subordinate and gets 25 years hard time.
    Another man has consensual sex with someone 24 pay grades beneath him, and his wife may be the next president.
    There is a lesson here.