What teachers make

Taylor Mali, a high school teacher and slam poet, talks about what teachers make.

He’s also very funny on the “impotence of proofreading.”

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  1. Like the next person, I respect and appreciate a passionate and dedicated teacher, but this guys sanctimonious outrage at a probably manufactured insult is way more disturbing then the perceived materialism of the insulter. Also disturbing is the fact that this guy gives *shows* using his *outrage* and the audience’s reaction to him. Bill Moher is bad enough, now we have education professionals selling their outrage for entertainment value. Just Yuck.

  2. SuperSub says:

    As a teacher I can say that Mali does do a good job at expressing the frustration and anger that I and others I know feel at times. There are days when I just feel like shouting, and sometimes I do in the privacy of my car.
    As for his making a living using this material, I have no problem at all. Performers of all stripes regularly use their own lives as a basis for material, and Mali seems to be genuine in his performance.