Teacher in health class

In pursuit of higher certification, TMAO of Teaching in the 408 took an all-day health class for teachers. He live-blogged the class in the guise of taking notes, though worried there wouldn’t be enough content to justify taking fake notes.

8:54 I walk in. Where’s the agenda? Where are the objectives?

He survives yoga and declines to join a discussion of spiritual health.

11:15 I learn that violence, which is unavoidable, is a major health issue.

11:16 I learn the war, which is horrible, is a major health issue.

He returns from lunch feeling distinctly unhealthy but decides it’s coincidence rather than irony.

3:02 Group work ends. My group is assigned meth. We’re supposed to present for 20 minutes. We’re supposed to be creative. We’re supposed to have hand-outs. My group decides to play a game called “Name That Addict.” This is not my idea. I go to the bathroom twice.

The day ends at 4:45.

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  1. Reminds me too much of many of my own education grad classes, not to mention inservice “training” days.

  2. I hope this puts to rest any complaints about ed schools being out of touch and of little value.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Years ago, when continuing education for RNs came in, my wife’s RN immediately blossomed out with Las Vegas and seagoing courses. Nice work if the boss pays; of questionable value to pay your own way.