Sikh guru shall not be found

In response to complaints by California Sikhs about the picture of their religion’s founder in a middle-school textbook, the publisher is reprinting the book without an image of Guru Nanak. Now Sikhs are complaining there’s no image of Guru Nanak.

A historic picture shows the founder wearing a golden crown and a cropped beard like a Muslim chieftan, while Sikhs prefer an image of the guru with a long beard and turban. But the publisher won’t use a modern representation.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Isn’t this where they issue a sticker to put over the old picture?

  2. They should have been grateful it wasn’t a picture of Karl Marx.

  3. Is this a world history text? Did the publishers include a picture of the svelte Elvis or the fat Elvis? What did the Presleyites choose for them?

  4. What is this?

    Some kind of Sikh joke?