Combat and credits

While serving as a communications specialist in Iraq, Juan Ramos, 24, is earning college credits online. He told the Miami Herald his classes help ”to combat the loneliness, boredom and desperation that comes with life in this country.”

Ramos once toured half the bases in Iraq to pick up a textbook — when a package mailed by his mother was accidentally delivered to his old base and he hitched a ride on a helicopter that changed schedules. He divides his free time between the gym and the computer screen. He chats with friends online for hours, with Web cameras in real time. He checks his stocks, uses the phone and makes friends through an account on MySpace. He buys books through Amazon or downloads music on iTunes.

Ramos, on his third tour in Iraq, eventually hopes to complete an engineering degree.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    This sounds like an order of magnitude better than USAFI, the Madison, Wisconsin based correspondence school of a half century ago.

  2. And some American teachers will still see nothing but a warmonger when they see this man in uniform.

  3. Catch Thirty-Thr33 says:

    Indeed, Darren, much of the public would be stunned to know just how educated many soldiers, sailors, Airmen and Marines are, from the most senior officers on down to the junior enlisted ranks.


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