Bearded guy

A bearded man is portrayed on the diploma-like certificate awarded to graduates of Richmond’s Binford Middle School. It’s not an educator such as Horace Mann, John Dewey or “even James H. Binford, the first superintendent of Richmond Public Schools,” writes columnist Ray McAllister of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Einstein? No. One of the Smith Brothers? Nope.

Wait a minute . . .

It’s Karl Marx!

Not exactly the father of education. This is the father of socialism. The father of communism.

Binford’s principal said a teacher wanted to put abolitionist Frederick Douglass on the certificate, but got Marx by mistake. Well, they both had bushy hair and beards.

The school will remove Marx’s mug from next year’s certificate.

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  1. mike from oregon says:

    Hmmm, sounds like something that will be auctioned off for some big bucks on Ebay later in life.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Next year, Groucho. The one with the nose and glasses.

  3. Bruce Lagasse says:

    mike from oregon:

    Much like the upside-down airmail stamps.