Autism starts in infancy

Autistic disorders can be diagnosed at 14 months of age, a new research study concludes. The study focused on high-risk babies — younger siblings of children with autism. Half of those who went on to develop forms of autism could be diagnosed at 14 months. Researchers think the problem starts between six to 12 months, but isn’t obvious till later. Early intervention can help children develop normally.

Researchers plan to look at what vaccinations children receive, but it’s not likely any link will be found. Children typically aren’t vaccinated till 15 months.

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  1. That makes it sound so easy. I only wish that it were so.
    Best wishes

  2. till 15 months

    The CDC’s recommended schedule starts with a vaccination at birth and has dozens of shots by 15 months (21 single dose shots and five three-diseases-at-once shots).

    As the parent of an autistic kid I have to wonder if the sheer number of shots is more of an issue than mercury or any other specific component. Unfortunately that’s an issue that you can’t profitably sue over or get a government grant to research.

  3. Newborns in the US receive their first vaccination before they leave the hospital. They get the first Hepatitis B vaccine on Day 1 or 2.

    And then they receive a lot more vaccinations at each doctor’s visit until they’re 18 months old, where it tapers off for a couple of years.

    There may be no cause/effect relationship between vaccinations and autism, but American children are definitely vaccinated before they’re 15 months old.

  4. People who think vaccines cause autism have targeted the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. The recommended age for MMR vaccination is 15 months, says

  5. My sons were immunized in Texas at the earliest required date.

    2 doses of Measles, 1 dose Mumps and 1 dose Rubella on/after the 1st birthday

    These are the Texas requirements. Found at several school districts’ websites:

  6. It’s a genetic disorder. That’s why the younger sibs are at risk. Wishing that mercury or vaccines or REd Dye #2 causes autism isn’t going to change anything.
    ADHD was found to be genetic, despite parents who wanted to “cure” their kids by weird diets or massage or tai chi.