Playing with MeDolls in a virtual world

Boys may play violent video games, but girls enjoy virtual socializing in make-believe worlds, reports Reuters.

. . . virtual sites such as Stardoll, Doppelganger, Club Penguin and Gaia Online hark back to a more innocent time of tea parties and playing outdoors — and they are winning young users in droves.

The success of Second Life, one of the most popular virtual lifestyle sites for adults, with even its own banks and real estate agents, has helped to raise interest in the genre.

At Stardoll, young girls can create their own online ‘MeDoll’ identities from a template that allows the user to choose everything from skin tone to eyebrow shapes.

Most important, it allows the user to dress-up their avatar in the latest teen fashion.

It’s the 21st century version of playing with paper dolls.

One site lets younger kids play with an avatar of their cuddly toy online, reports the New York Times.

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