Old school blues

School violence is escalating in Milwaukee schools, reports the Journal-Sentinel. It’s not just a high school problem.

Elementary school teachers are falling victim to physical or verbal assaults nearly as much as those in high schools. Close to half the teachers assaulted this year work at elementary or K-8 schools.

The photo shows a surprise weapons search at Hamilton High. Stephen Karlson of Cold Springs Shops says Hamilton, his alma mater, once was considered Milwaukee’s flagship high school. Milwaukee Public Schools taught middle-class values to its students along with academics, he writes.

Whether students were on collegiate or vocational tracks (yes, those things existed) all understood that responsible Milwaukeeans would have the discipline to be up at six in order to catch a bus to be able to punch in by seven if that’s when the shift started, as well as the discipline to study after school. That inculcation started well before junior high (the middle schools are a relatively recent change.)

Some of the violence involves parents attacking teachers, aides and students.

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  1. wayne martin says:

    It will be interesting to see if this reporter, or Milwaukee school officials, looks into the issue from the point-of-view espoused by the FCC:

    FCC Adopts Report on Violent Television Programming and Its Impact on Children.


  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Bad behavior merits bad consequences.

  3. And when those bad consequences don’t occur bad behavior isn’t curtailed.