No driver left blind

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is trying out a new vision, response and memory test that may identify drivers who aren’t as sharp as they think they are.

At Right on the Left Coast, Darren objects to a government-mandated test that could blight the elderly’s love of driving.

1. It stifles the creativity of drivers.
2. It’s not testing the “whole driver”.
3. There’s plenty that goes into driving that can’t be evaluated by a machine.
4. This is just “drill and kill” — why aren’t they testing critical thinking skills, which the research shows is more important to driving than merely being able to see?
5. This is a one-size-fits-all, high-stakes test.
6. Why should we test, anyway? Testing doesn’t make anyone a better driver.

Of course, it’s possible he’s being sarcastic.

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  1. The trouble with using sarcasm is that, too often, the dull-witted don’t “get” that it’s sarcasm. Talk about blind.