NCLB’s future

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings is the ace in Bush’s hand, writes Michelle Davis in the new Education Next. Spellings will need all her political skill to get No Child Left Behind reauthorized.

In The Nation, Education Professor Linda Darling-Hammond calls NCLB a “noble idea” but wants a lot more money to back it in the next go-round. Pedro Noguera, Velma Cobb and Deborah Meier respond.

National Council on Teacher Quality weighs in with its recommendations, including rating the effectiveness of principals:

If we want better teachers, we have to insist on better principals. Congress should seed innovations for fair and reliable ways to assign a performance rating to principals on a range of possible measures (controlling for poverty, adjusting for new assignments and school type), including student achievement data, teacher attendance, teacher turnover, student attendance and disciplinary actions.

Everybody says a good principal is essential to build an effective school, but the definition of “good principal” is fuzzy.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Just give the money to schools that still allow recruiters from the schools that ban them.

  2. mike from oregon says:

    Here, here Walter –
    The military is the reason that we aren’t speaking either Japanese or German. The military is the reason that we don’t have most of with our heads on the ground detached from our bodies. The military is the reason that folks can protest against it.

    However, if you don’t wish to allow people to see ALL the opportunities available to them (i.e. military recruiters) then the country, the government, the taxpayers shouldn’t give you one thin dime.

    Proud Poppa of a soon-to-be-Army-soldier

  3. Amen (Air Force veteran with a son serving in the Navy), but what’s that got to do with Joanne’s post?

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    NCLB needs money, I suggest a source, money rejected by districts who refuse access to recruiters.

    Mark & Markm, bless your kids.