Kids join book clubs

Book clubs for kids are booming, Newsweek reports.

Twelve-year-old Joanna Krupp loves her monthly book-club meetings. She and her fellow bookworms tackle titles like Gloria Whelan’s National Book Award winner “Homeless Bird,” about a 13-year-old girl in India whose parents arrange a marriage to a boy who is gravely ill. To go with the stories, they eat matching snacks, such as Indian food.

Joanna’s brother, Ben, 13, likes his father-son group, too. “It’s just good to talk about the books, and I really understand them better,” he says.

I was in the pilot version of Junior Great Books, starting in fifth grade. We got together every week — or maybe every other week — after school to discuss a classic reading led by a parent volunteer who’d gone through some training. I loved it. The reading was challenging but I got to read Ovid’s sex poems in junior high school. I remember Gogol’s “The Overcoat” too, a real heart breaker. The program now is much more focused on contemporary writers and looks a bit easier. Our Junior Great Books people were all good readers to start with.

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    Great article on book clubs for kids. My wife and I have started an on-line Literary Community for people who love to read and have had several kids and their parents join to discuss what they are reading. This is another option for kids who want to share with other kids around the world. We invite you to come by and take a look at our site. You can find us at We were also part of an article in the Sacramento Bee newspaper which you can read here:

    Thanks for the great post.