Fail, fail again

After failing the test required for administrators 38 times, a San Antonio principal has been demoted to “administrative assistant.” Elizabeth Rojas’ salary is “just slightly less than her nearly $78,000 a year principal’s salary,” reports WOAI-TV, which revealed Rojas as the failingest principal in the state. Rojas holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Rojas was principal of Smith Elementary, a nearly all-minority, all-poor school rated “academically acceptable” by the state of Texas.

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  1. Richard Nieporent says:

    Thank goodness they don’t have the same rules for baseball.

  2. greifer says:

    what did she a have master’s degree in and where from, I wonder.

  3. speedwell says:

    That leaves her with a salary just about twice what I think the average salary is for an ‘administrative assistant’ in San Antonio is, incidentally.

  4. speedwell says:

    I’m not normally that grammar-challenged…

  5. I doubt the test is that hard, and her failing it so many times makes me doubt her competence. On the other hand, if she is a good principal who provides strong successful leadership at a school that would otherwise be worse, it’s hard to see her removal as a positive step.

    Graduate degrees in education are worthless as far as actual learning and knowledge are concerned. At best, they’d be a measure of willingness to put in extra effort and work, so I can see how she could have a masters and still not be able to pass the test.

    Does anyone know what’s on the test?