Can’t fail

Despite failing a required English class, a senior at Albuquerque’s Rio Grande High will graduate with his class next week. The teacher refused to change his grade. The principal backed up the teacher. But Albuquerque Public Schools administrators ordered the grade changed.

Sources told Action 7 News the senior’s mother is Bernalillo County Commissioner Teresa Cordova. His father is former vice president of the APS school board, Miguel Acosta.

In reponse to the outcry, APS officials said “the district is now looking at the other 40 Rio Grande High School seniors on the failing list to see if any others should be allowed to graduate.”

The teachers’ union plans to file a grievance.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Sounds like time for a straight A strike.

  2. MKStach says:

    What! Not the valedictorian! I think Mom and Dad need to exercise a little more clout!

  3. It makes me wonder about the parents. There are some people who are more concerned with their children’s failure as a reflection upon them than if their children actually learned the material. In doing so, denying that their child needs master the material, they actually harm their child. This kid is going to go on to college and be a book carrier and have no foundation on which to build a career. It’s he who is hurt in the end.