Algerian women choose education

In Algeria, women are becoming better educated than men, and flooding into the professions, reports the New York Times.

Women make up 70 percent of Algeria’s lawyers and 60 percent of its judges. Women dominate medicine. Increasingly, women contribute more to household income than men. Sixty percent of university students are women, university researchers say.

Though, officially, men hold all the power, women also are taking administrative jobs in government.

Algeria’s young men reject school and try to earn money as traders in the informal sector, selling goods on the street, or they focus their efforts on leaving the country or just hanging out. There is a whole class of young men referred to as hittistes — the word is a combination of French and Arabic for people who hold up walls.

I was surprised when U.S. women passed men by in university enrollment. I never dreamed it would happen in a conservative male-dominated society like Algeria. What’s with men and school?

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  1. tsiroth says:

    I would suggest that uneducated men have more/better options for employment than uneducated women due simply to the difference in average physical strength. For example, uneducated men may become construction workers, truck unloaders, and dockworkers. Physically demanding unskilled labor pays better than unskilled labor that is not physically demanding. Therefore, women have more incentive to further their educations.

  2. Hey, why do it ourselves when we can get the ladies to do it all? More time for fishing, picking the lint out from between our toes, and belching after big meals.

    Whose the smart one now, huh?