Moon over Clearwater

A Florida boy who mooned a teacher has filed suit because he was transferred to another high school. He wants to play baseball on his old team and graduate with his friends.

Tough luck, kid.

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  1. Prof210 says:

    Not sure I agree, Joanne. How about some alternative punishment such as a few hours weeding around the school — which others can observe?

  2. Miller Smith says:

    Moon a teacher and get sent to another school.

    Somewhat of an over-reaction. Within the system’s rights I guess, BUT it makes me wonder what is wrong with the system rather than what is wrong with that child. A system that reacts that way to a mooning may just need to be mooned more often.

    They MUST have deserved it!

  3. Wow.

    That goes to show just how far our standards have slipped.

    You guys are actually supporting a kid who mooned a teacher at a school function.

    Don’t you have any concept on the effect re-instating this kid would have on the student body? How about the message it would send to the student himself?

  4. MKStach says:

    In the climate today this boy is lucky he doesn’t have a sexual offender lable stuck on him for life. I have to side with the school here. Sports participation is not an automatic right. If anything the punishment was too slight. If we want teachers to be respected then we need to reinforce behavior that shows respect and discourage disrepectful behavior.

  5. AndyJoy says:

    I’m with the school on this one too. 18 is way too old to think mooning is funny. Theoreticaly, he’s an adult and lucky he didn’t get charged with indecent exposure or public nudity or something.

    When I was 11, a 12 year old boy mooned me on the way to school. It was so digusting and embarassing. He had all the power, and of course wasn’t embarassed in the least. I had to see this kid at school every day and endure his smirks and laughter. Fortunately, that ended one day. I was shopping at Kmart, and I saw him with his dad in the boys’ department. Clapping his hand on the son’s back, the dad asked the female sales clerk in a loud voice, “Where can I find underwear for a boy his size?” I don’t think I’d ever laughed that hard before. He flushed red and never bothered me, much less looked in my direction again.

  6. Catch Thirty Thr33 says:

    Indeed, tough luck, kid. He just happened to run into some lawyer who does not believe in such concepts as: “freewill”, “personal responsibility”, and “consequences”.

  7. Miller Smith says:

    Some punishment guys…some. But a full transfer and the rest? These were just butt cheeks. Equivalent to “the finger”.

    May I ask, why it is so bad as to warrant this level of punishment? This is overkill. This is just mean spirited.

  8. wayne martin says:

    > May I ask, why it is so bad as to warrant this level
    > of punishment? This is overkill.

    There is a level of conduct which schools really can not condone. I mooning is all right, what about full-frontal nudity? If there is no contact between the student, now disrobed, and the teacher(s), would that also be acceptable?

    And what if dozens of kids decide to push the envelop a bit and moon, or disrobe, to demonstrate their lack of appreciation for dress codes, and a reasonable level of decorum?

    > This is just mean spirited.

    Nope .. it’s a reasonable response. If this kid gets away with this now, why wouldn’t he pull the same stunt on the stage as he is being handed his diploma?

  9. “And what if dozens of kids decide to push the envelop a bit and moon, or disrobe, to demonstrate their lack of appreciation for dress codes, and a reasonable level of decorum?”

    What if?

    When I was in high school streaking was all the rage, all though hardly anyone ever dared. There is always one out of two hundred some teenagers who will dare to shed their clothing. Should the administration have found the naked creature and ripped off his ski mask, they would have suspened him for some days. The creature was a hero to the adolescent crowd swooning in their adolescent values. Life returned to normal. No one was molested by nakedness. No one was blinded.

    We seem to have reached the point of extreme offense to naked bodies as if the mere sight requires a prison sentence. No one really dies of embarrassment nor of disgust. The teacher ‘traumatized’ belittles the true meaning of the word.

  10. wayne martin says:

    Indecent Exposure:

    In the fifty states of the United States indecent exposure is defined by state law as exposure of the genitals and/or the female breast in a public place and may in some states require evidence of intent to shock, arouse or offend other persons. The act is prohibited by state laws titled variously as Indecent Exposure, Sexual Misconduct, Public Lewdness, and Public Indecency. It is a criminal offense in all fifty states and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

    > No one really dies of embarrassment nor of disgust.

    So .. will you be going to work today in the nude?

  11. Ha! I am as inhibited as the rest of them. However, imprisonment is over the top and the idea that being naked in public constitutes a criminal offense on the part of the offender is absurd. Not all nakedness is sexual intimidation such as the yokel jacking off in the doorway. Truth be told, if no one bothered to notice, the yokel might not get his jollys by exposing himself anymore.

    One can have a strict reading of indecent exposure and take it far enough to include the breast feeding moms and their naked babies. Fine them, imprison them and make sure the general population isn’t traumatized. The laws are also flaunted to some extent where the ‘offenders’ have whittled down the naked breast to mean only the nipple. If the nipple doesn’t show then it’s not indecent exposure. If only the nipple appears and little else [see Janet Jackson, we have a winner! Let’s have more cleavage – no nipples sayeth the law.

    I would truly like to see us get to the point where glimpses of nakededness is downright BORING.

    The kid was dumb and obviously hasn’t learned to be disgusted or embarrassed by his own naked butt, only that the older folks are. What better way to push their buttons? They complied. It’s the disrespect that he is ultimately guilty of. What if he gave the teacher the finger, blew a kiss, or stuck his tongue out? The manner he chose is one of nakedness so they send him away to another school.
    It’s just silly. Unacceptable, but silly to kick him out. Maybe, taking someone’s previous comment, they should have made him do some gardening, with his pants down.

    By the way, avoid some beaches in Europe. Men and women, young good looking and old and not so good looking will, on occasion, be topless or naked on the beach. No one is running scared, except some Americans.

  12. I think the issue here is not the nudity but the total disrespect of the student towards the teacher.

    Many times parents feel rules and consequences are silly, and I often ask them this question.

    “What would this school be like if every student did what your child did?”

    Most parents fail to realize that if you let one kid get away with something like this you have to let ALL kids in the school do it.

    Now imagine 600 kids running around mooning their teachers with little consequence. What would that school be like? How much learning would be taking place?

  13. does the punishment fit the crime? Methinks no. suspension should be punishment enough, especially if it carved into his holy baseball time.

    I would go further to say it’s part of the peril that occurs when a district runs too many schools, having grown in a smaller town where people had to figure out how to work issues out.

    Wayne, trying to figure out from your definition if you’re pointing out that this case isn’t indecent exposure since a moon by definition is only a cheeky gesture, not involving the cited body parts.

    three other thoughts

    1) No comment from the other school from being cast as punishment?

    2) Classmates could engage in very obvious non-violent protest and send the deporting rate into orbit (if not over the moon)

    3) a continued salute to Joanne’s pithy, clever headlines

  14. BadaBing says:

    No one is running scared, except some Americans.

    Yes, but all that’s going to change when the Muslim population in Europe hits critical mass. (Muslims are not self-destructive. They understand the necessity of maintaining social taboos.)

  15. When my daughter was a high school freshman, a streaker ran into her — she was so amazed she forgot to jump out of the way — and knocked her down. She hit her head on concrete and had a concussion. She literally was hearing little birdies for several days just like in the cartoons. The streaker, known popularly as The Naked Guy, was a graduating senior whose classes had finished for the year. He didn’t get to participate in his graduation ceremony but that was about all the school could do. He did write Allison a sincere letter of apology. She believes that if she goes to her 50th reunion she will be known as The Girl Who Was Run Over By the Naked Guy.

  16. I’m not sure what it is that possesses a student to display his (or, in the rare case, her) hams…. The desire for attention is an obvious — perhaps too obvious — explanation.

    I’ve had my students and me mooned numerous times. Usually the door swings open — if I’ve neglected to lock it — and then comes the lunar eclipse for a flash while everyone except for the most curious averts the eyes — and then, gone! I’ve never been able to make an ID — usually a student, an ex-girlfriend of the offender, will rat him out.

    Usually one conference with parents and about five or six teachers all trying to psychoanalyze the student’s “cry for help” is sufficient to make him never again drop his pants (more like lift his shirt, since the pants often already sag below the cheeks) at least not at school.

    I don’t have a problem with banishing a student for such action. I say if you’re going to expose your ass you better be ready to face whatever consequence. I might find such antics mildly amusing but would not expect every other teacher to share my own appreciation for idiocy.

    In this case, the boy could have saved himself a lot of trouble by having himself designated special ed and making sure that his IEP mentioned a compulsion to flash the hams. According to one of my fellow basketball coaches here in LA, a varsity player was ejected from a game for a frantal flash but could not be suspended from the next game because his IEP indicated that he was a flasher.

    I, of course, immediately had IEPs created for all of my players stating a compulsion to cuss out referees and trash talk their opponents…