Make a mockery of disaster

In a mock disaster drill at a Burlington, New Jersey high school, the fictional hostage takers were right-wing fundamentalists angry about separation of church and state. The Nose on Your Face presents Top 9 Other Disaster Scenarios Considered for Mock Drill. My favorites are:

8. On a violent bender after the end of his Presidency, George Bush takes over a classroom and gives grammar lessons….

5 (tie). The final results of the third grade class president election bear the unmistakable fingerprints of Karl Rove. …

3. At the end of a playground game of “Who Has The Smallest Carbon Footprint?”, a student proclaims they she has “won,” emotionally marginalizing dozens.

Seriously, is it really necessary to identify the political or religious beliefs of the mock attackers?

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  1. Joanne– thanks for the link!

  2. Your last question is a good one, but you might also want to check this out:

  3. Oh, Mike. Please. Let the equivocating begin.

    Do you believe that the threat posed by right wing wack-jobs in the U.S. is equal to the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalists? Let me help you: the answer is “No.” So why does a school choose to portray their “attackers” as the lesser threat? It’s political correctness, Mike, plain and simple. And classic “head-in-the-sand” behavior.

  4. I don’t want them to have drills featuring Muslim terrorists either. By far the most likely attacker is a crazy person or persons of no particular ideology. And if there is an ideology it doesn’t really change what emergency responders should be doing.

  5. Kirk Parker says:


    By far the most likely attacker is a crazy person or persons of no particular ideology.

    Uhhh, what’s that widely-used phrase from the financial-services industry? “Past perfomance is no guarantee of future results”? That’s a really poor way to bet these days, especially when we know that some of the Islamists are talking about just such attacks.

  6. wayne martin says:

    In 2007, there have been at least 549 acts of violence involving Islamic fundamentalists. The following are those acts involving schools and/or school personnel:

    Date Country City Killed Injured Description

    4/2/2007 Iraq Kirkuk 13 167 Radical Sunnis bomb a school, killing thirteen, including eight schoolgirls and a baby. Nearly two-hundred others are wounded.
    3/17/2007 Thailan Songkhla 3 7 Muslim terrorists attack a boarding school with bullets and bombs, killing three children and injuring at least seven more.
    3/3/2007 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 Two teenage girls are murdered by Islamists as they are on their way to take a school exam.
    2/4/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist school official is murdered by Muslim terrorists.
    1/28/2007 Iraq Baghdad 5 20 Five school girls are killed when freedom fighters mortar a school.
    1/23/2007 Thailand Yala 1 0 A Buddhist man is murdered by Islamists as he drove his 7-year-old son home from school.
    1/22/2007 Iraq Baghdad 1 1 Fundamentalists murder a female teacher on her way to work at a girl’s school.
    1/10/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A female teacher is shot to death by Islamic militants on her way to school.
    1/9/2007 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A janitor is murdered by Islamists shortly after dropping his daughter off at school.

    There was an attack on an Amish school here in the states last year, but it seems it was an “isolated incident” which was perpetrated by an individual, not connected with any established religious movement.

    With Islamic Fundamentalist attacks on schools like the one in Beslan, it might be worth while not to look the other way and suggest that schools are only attacked by “crazy people”.

    New Jersey, by the way, has a sizeable Muslim community now.

  7. And if there is an ideology it doesn’t really change what emergency responders should be doing.

    I’m with Joanne on this one. There is the presumption in these drills that the ideology is obvious (did the terrorist call in ahead of time with an announcement? )when the event occurs. In fact, what more than often happens is an attack requiring weeks or months of investigation before motive can be identified. Part of what makes an emergency so chaotic is NOT knowing why the explosion occurred, if it will happen again, etc.