Hire a girl in glasses

Rita of Nobody Sasses a Girl in Glasses has finished her BA at University of Chicago (American Studies major, classics minor) and is tutoring an imperious Chinese girl and looking for a teaching job.

I have to write a one-page personal statement about my philosophy of education and why I would make a good high school history teacher. Except, I was warned, it should not be too philosophical. Never having taught high school history, or any history, or any high school, I find this kind of difficult. I keep lapsing into the position that history is nice, but philosophy is really more important. That is going to be a problem. Also, this statement is supposed to include an account of my own inspiration for going into teaching. I don’t think, “Once, I had a class with a crazy old man who never got past the first book of anything and pounded the table and yelled at us that WE WERE ALL GOING TO DIE and how were we going to live in light of that fact, and this convinced me to read more books and take at least some things seriously.” is going to work.

So basically, still unemployed. Hire me.

Hire her. Or, at least, give her advice on her job search, which is centered on Chicago and its suburbs.

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