Carnival of Education

This week’s Carnival of Education, hosted by The Ed Wonks, features a provocative post by Miss Profe, who complains that U.S. student don’t take responsibility for their own learning.

At my current place of employ, there is a lot of talk re: self-advocacy and the power to change one’s world, but not nearly as much talk re:owning the learning process. This is a carry-over from the lack of responsibility many students have in their lives outside of school. They wait for things to be done to them and for them, rather than thinking, “What can I do for myself?”

Teachers and parents are a big part of the problem. How many times have teachers given students study guides and/or outlines for tests? How often do teachers establish checkpoints for major projects? How often do teachers give “extra credit”, accept homework that’s more than a week old, or give the opportunity to re-take a test or a quiz, sometimes multiple times? How many times have the parents of our students brought or faxed homework to school that their children “forgot.”

French students don’t expect this much hand-holding, Miss Profe says.

When my daughter was an SAT tutor, she had students who thought they were putting one over on her if they didn’t do the work. Her view was, “It’s your choice. I get paid whether you do well or not.”

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