Carnival of Education

Dy/Dan hosts this week’s Carnival of Education, which features several discussions of classroom management.

In Mrs. Bluebird’s seventh-grade Class From From the Very Depths of Hell Itself, the non-losers are fed up with the losers and asked her to kick them out of class.

One boy, the infamous Cast Boy (the only thing he’s done good all year was clock Rude Boy with his cast), who’s in the middle of Every Incident that Causes a Problem, was a particular target.

“It’s all your fault, Cast Boy! If you could control yourself we wouldn’t get stuck doing stupid stuff all the time!”

Even some loser pals are getting tired of the disruptions.

Miss Profe tries to deal with a boy who confuses “getting real” with “getting rude.” He’s angry because she won’t accept his apology.

Chanman wonders what it takes to get suspended at his school. Repeatedly assaulting other students apparently isn’t enough, and he has little faith that student mediators can control gangbangers.

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