Campus camera

At a Washington-state high school, the dean of students saw one girl kiss another in the commons area. The kiss had been caught by the security camera. He called in the parents of one of the girls, who’d asked him to tell them if she was behaving in an unusual way. They watched the videotape and transferred her to another school; the other girl complained that her privacy had been invaded.

Video cameras at Gig Harbor High School were installed to catch trespassers, fights, harassment – the stuff that threatens safety at the campus of 1,700 students.

The surveillance system has also helped administrators find and discipline students who break rules, such as leaving trash on a lunch table.

But the high school says it will tighten its own rules on security cameras after two female students were filmed kissing and holding hands.

Technically, “public display of affection” is an offense but it usually brings a warning not a call to parents. Still, it’s hard to argue students have a right to privacy on campus.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    There can be no expectation o privacy in public. tose who advocate such a right are really saying don’t criticize me.

  2. If I were the parent, I’d wanna know.

  3. It may be invasion of privacy, but the main purpose of school security cameras are to find students who are misbehaving or behaving in an unusual way and to impose disciplinary actions on those students. This might also help prevent recurrence of tragic incidents like what happened in VA Tech.


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  2. […] Joanne Jacobs and Leaning Straight Up are also discussing this story. […]

  3. The Knucklehead of the Day award…

    Today’s winner is Gig Harbor High School Dean of Students Keith Nelson….