On to Madison

I’m leaving Milwaukee for Madison this morning. After talking to professors and students at Marquette yesterday, I saw commenter Triticale, Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind and Tom McMahon at the Our School reading at Schwartz Bookshop last night.A group of Mexican-American teens from Casa Chavez came too, which was fun. I was excited to see one boy pick up a copy of the book and read it attentively.

The Madison lunch will be at 11:45 am at Paisan’s, 131 W. Wilson. RSVP to Jim Zellmer (zellmer at mailbag dot com) of School Information System.

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  1. http://www.fayobserver.com/print?id=1145092&type=archive

    While you are in Madison, you might want to check out the schools… according to that article they have eliminated the achievement gap… no really.

    I posted on it here,


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