It’s my birthday

Today’s my 55th birthday. I’m not feeling great about it. Two days ago, I noticed a black stringy thing floating hither and yon in my field of vision. An opthamologist confirmed it’s a “floater.” Some people get them as they age. There’s no treatment. “You just get used to it,” said the doctor, who appeared to be on the sunny side of 30. But then I can’t see too well. There’s an unpluckable mote or beam in my left eye, which is the one I use for reading.

The doc also said I’m now legally blind in that eye. I knew it was losing it but it was scary to only be able to read the top line on the eye chart. And it wasn’t an “E” like in the old days. I could have it re-Lasiked to be a middle-distance eye, which was what it was years ago, but I like being able to read without reading glasses. The right eye is handling the distance work.

Fortunately, my husband, who’s a few years older, is showing signs of wear too. We will grow decrepit together.

Update: DilbertBlog has a timely post asking: What’s your permanent age? I was 23 for about 10 years, 32 for about 12 years and now think I should be 40. I probably can keep that fantasy going for another five years.

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  1. wayne martin says:

    Happy Birthday .. and hope you see many more.

  2. Richard Cook says:

    “…we will grow old together.” That is the greatest of blessings regardless of physical condition.

  3. Permanently deteriorating is no fun and it’s always Doogie Howser that we end up with as a physician.

    Live long and prosper.

  4. Happy Birthday =)

  5. I had a floater at age 25. Doc gave me the same story. After a year or so, I no longer noticed it. Now at 38, it is only a faint memory. Happy Birthday!

  6. Joanne,

    Happy birthday.


  7. Happy birthday — and many more….

  8. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Are Jewish years the same as Goyem ones? At any rate, enjoy.

  9. My mom had a worse fate than ending up with Doogie Hauser as her physician; she ended up with one of my high school classmates.

  10. My birthday was Thursday, and we’re close to the same age. Those floaters are annoying, though until I turned 40, I had 20-10 vision, and having to wear glasses to read still drives me nuts. I asked about lasik, but it doesn’t work for presbywhatever.

    Happy birthday!

  11. I’m 56, my age was mid 40s for a long time, until last month when they sliced me open and fixed the heart…that changes things a bit…I now feel more like 60; the surgeon said the fix should last about 10 years. So now I have a few years to grow into my perceived age.