‘In the Know’

From the Onion News Network: Who should be drafted for combat in Iraq: Civil War re-enactors or Dungeons & Dragons players?

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  1. The Onion’s principal sponsor is Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey. I thought Scotch drinkers were more serious about issues but I’ve heard that the distillers are aggressively pursuing all sorts of potential markets so it isn’t surprising to see Dewar’s and this spoof together.

    What is surprising is the “news” show making light of men and women risking their lives in a real war by comparing them to video game players and “reinactors” of Civil War battles; all in the context of supposing that we need a draft. Charlie Rangel must be a Dewar’s guy.

    I suppose that’s why I favor Glenfidich.

  2. wayne martin says:

    Glenfidich is a single malt .. whereas Dewars is blended.

  3. Dewars has been positioning their whisky as an entry level Scotch for some time. See for example their ads in old issues of Wired magazine about tastes changing as we grow up. I do not, however, think that they or their ad agency have any direct editorial input at the Onion.