Importing diversity

Historically black colleges in Mississippi are trying to recruit non-black students to qualify for money from the settlement of a desegregation lawsuit, reports Associated Press.

(Jackson State University and Mississippi Valley State University) are trying to bring their non-black enrollments to at least 10 percent for three consecutive years to tap into millions more in funds from the settlement of a higher education desegregation lawsuit.

Alcorn State University already has reached the 10 percent goal over four consecutive years.

Scholarships, stronger recruitment and new programs attracted dozens of students from Russia, Canada, Latin America and other lands to Alcorn. Thirty students are from Russia alone.

This is a weird echo of the stories about white universities admitting blacks from Africa and the Caribbean to meet affirmative action goals.

According to the study, 13 percent of the nation’s college-age black population comes from outside the country, and at the top universities, that number approaches 25 percent.

Foreign-born blacks tend to come from wealthier, better-educated families than U.S. blacks. The immigrants are perceived as being friendlier.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Who perceives the immigrants to be friendlier? The admissions officers? The other students? What difference did it make?

  2. According to a 2004 study by Nancy Foner and George M. Fredrickson, authors of Not Just Black and White: “To white observers, black immigrants seem more polite, less hostile, more solicitous and ‘easier to get along with.’ Native blacks are perceived in precisely the opposite fashion.” I guess “white observers” are students and professors.