Boo ban

A ban on booing and offense chants at high school sports competitions is being drafted by the Washington state’s Interscholastic Activities Association.

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  1. People should not be booing high school athletes in the first place.

    The referees, I suppose, are another matter, but people take it all too seriously. The refs, let’s not forget, are paid by the game — usually between $40 and $60 per. They

    It’s a shame that common decency has to be legislated…

  2. wayne martin says:

    > People should not be booing high school athletes in the first place.

    While people have cheered and booed athletes since the first sports events, perhaps this poster is correct .. and this legislation doesn’t go far enough.

    Keeping in mind that people’s feelings are important, perhaps this legislation should also include prohibitions on excessive cheering—which might easily occur to compensate for the legal mandate to not “Boo”. Certainly cheering an extended period of time could well be interpreted by not only athletes, but the supporters of the “other team”, as an end-run around the “NO BOO” rule. Certainly having to listen to the supporters of the team which just performed well on the field for more than say 30 seconds (max) could be interpreted by some as “negative behavior” — which most certainly should be legislated out of our culture as quickly as possible.

    Who knows .. perhaps with such legislation effective in the public schools, these same sorts of laws could be expanded into all sports’ arenas? And then followed by additional laws that would prohibit any forms of contact that could be interpreted as violent, or leading to injury.

    With ideas like this, who knows what kind of a “Brave New World” that might emerge om just a few years of well-placed, and highly enforced, legislation like this. As you drop your son or daughter off at a ball game—he/she will give you a kiss and say: Remember Day –“Use a BOO and go to jail!” … if you can’t do the time .. don’t do the crime.”

  3. I think that in all school sporting events, the final score should be predetermined, it should be a tie, and that way everybody wins.

  4. To this idea, I say


  5. Walter E. Wallis says:

    It’s only March 3. Save this for April 1.

  6. Maybe they should moon the opposing team instead. What a bunch of horse pattotie!

  7. Have any of those of you laughing at this idea been to a high school athletic event recently? You might be appalled.

    We’re not talking about good natured rivalry and booing; it’s pretty sick.

  8. I just came from the LA City Section Small Schools Boys Basketball Final at the LA Sports Arena and, actually, I cannot recall any booing. There was some ridicule when anyone shot an airball and cheers and hoots at blocked shots but mostly the cheering was positive. I felt like booing both teams since they both defeated the teach I coach which I would have preferred made it to this championship game but I respect my two hard working colleagues and their talented teams and so I restrained myself.

    Interscholastic sports are voluntary and students must earn the right to play. A good coach prepares his players to be booed, jeered, mocked, ridiculed, stabbed in effigy, whatever…. I’ve seen worse than that. I’ve had gangbangers in the stands of an opposing gym throw up gang signs and threaten my players in order to throw off their game. Sometimes it works. It’s a learning experience for the athletes — how to perform under pressure. As a teacher, I suppose I should thank those who boo, etc. for helping me teach those valuable lessons.

    After my team got ousted from the playoffs this year — and received its share of booing and ridicule — they wanted to jump the other team (that’s another long-standing tradition in urban HS sports) and this gave me and my players yet another teachable moment.

    LA City sports has no rule against booing but a few years ago “negative cheers” from cheerleaders were banned — as a way, I think, to cut down on the number of cheerleader fights.

    The problem is that I think one might need the supreme court in order to determine what a negative cheer is.

    I’ve heard a lot of them since the ban. I am not about to snitch on an opponent for that. I don’t know of anyone who ever has.

    I suppose if some cheerleaders issued a cheer with racial slurs it might get some attention.

    Well, anyone, now that I’VE been summarily booed for saying that people shouldn’t boo at high school sports, let me make it clear that I agree it is stupid to make such rules. Booing is for losers but they have their rights too.

  9. Dave Dahlke says:

    And what do they propose to do about the parents who decide to boo? Heh, heh. This should be fun to watch.

  10. How sad, that we are such a pathetic bunch or creatures that “booing” is too traumatic for our young people to experience. Eventually,enemy soldiers won’t have to fire bullets at our young troops, but can simply “boo” them instead. That should result in a complete emotional breakdown, with our troops collapsing in a broken-down heap on the battlefield. What would the Founding Fathers think……

  11. Again, I suspect the problem goes far beyond booing. Behavior at games is often appalling and goes against any concept of sportsmanship or decent behavior.

    I doubt it really has much to do with kids’ fragile egos but more with drawing a clear line about what will not be tolerated.

    The kids playing rarely care; they probably shut most of it out to focus on the game. It’s humiliating for everyone else that the “fans” are representing the school that way.

    Do you want to be the school that’s known for parents yelling at their own coach all game? Is that normal? Is that part of coaching high school athletics today?

    Do you want your own school’s kids yelling slurs at the other team based on race or class? Or yelling profanity at the referees all game long?

    That’s what you want high school athletics to be? Because that’s what you have at high school game in a lot of areas.

  12. congress shall make no laww regarding relgion and free speech a school is part of the goverment it can not enforce the boo ban our first ammendment right will forfeturied if we allow them to takes to action i agree the coaches and refeeree should be free to work in abusive free enviormwent howevery they dont have the right to take our first ammendments away what are there going to charge us with disordely conduct because of a singel boo booing the suprem court i suggest its our as citizins to be good behavior the offichal have no say what spectatores and can not do with there mouths or charges us incetive to start a riot. as i said bevore the booing is protected under the first ammendment rights