Voucher push in Texas

In Texas, millionaire James Leininger has announced he’ll stop funding private school scholarships for low-income San Antonio students to push the state to pass a voucher bill. Leininger, a major donor to pro-voucher politicians, has given $50 million to fund the 10-year scholarship program.

Nearly 8,500 San Antonio students have received a Leininger-financed scholarship during the past nine years. Those students have a phenomenally high achievement record for graduation and advancing to college, he said, while the Edgewood Independent School District, where many live, also has dramatically improved its performance record.

Texans recently learned that half of urban students — about 60 percent of Hispanics and blacks — drop out of high school. The state is spending an extra $275 per student on drop-out prevention, though the money isn’t targeted at the neediest schools.

There seems to be little enthusiasm for Leininger’s voucher bill.

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