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From a faithful reader whose mother is an elementary school librarian:

The school stopped teaching science because it’s not on the state test by which they’re evaluated at the state and federal level. But the principal decided every class would do a science experiment for one week. The experiment kit provided each teacher with a goldfish in a bowl. Students were to observe the goldfish. Teachers asked for fish food so the fish wouldn’t die, but the experiment called for not feeding the fish. Everyone on staff worried about an experiment calling for children to observe a fish starving to death. Then someone read the instructions. Each bowl comes with an edible plant. Children were to observe that the fish could survive on the plant.

When I was in kindergarten, we grew a lima bean. We learned that lima beans grow. I think it beats the goldfish experiment. It was cheap too. I wonder how much the goldfish, bowl and plant kit cost.

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  1. Where in the US is this school? No science? I’m scared. I tell my students that if you don’t know how something works, then it might as well be magic. Cell phones? Magic. Computers? Magic. Cars? Magic. I’m afraid we’ll have a whole new generation of people that will think that the whole world runs on magic.

  2. I remember that lima bean “experiment”.