Middle muddle

Eliminating middle school is the latest educational trend, but should the muddled middle grades be joined to elementary schools or high schools? Many districts are creating K-8 schools, but some of the most high-achieving urban schools in Massachusetts starting 6-12 or 7-12 schools, reports the Boston Globe.

These educators are convinced that a rigorous six- or seven-year curriculum, within a single school extending through 12th grade, offers the best hope for student success in K-12 education, and beyond, especially among students from lower-income families, where a college future is not nearly the presumed path that it is in middle-class homes.

Frequently, successful charter elementary schools add middle grades and sometimes going K-12. Successful charter highs expand into the middle grades. KIPP, which has a fifth-to-eighth-grade model, is starting to grow in both directions.

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  1. what goes around comes around.

  2. I had the gamut of experiences. In 6th grade I went to a 6-8 Middle school. In 7th and 8th I went to a 7-9 Junior high school. 9th through 12th I went to a 7-12 high school. (I was a military brat, we moved a lot) In my experience, the size of the school and classes had more to do with the quality of instruction.